Julian Williams

I'm Julian - I wear a lot of hats

Julian Williams

Live Production Specialist. Lighting Designer. Videographer. Tech Enthusiast. Make It Work sort of person.

Lighting Designer

I've been designing and programming lighting since I first cut my teeth on GrandMA 1 around 2007 as a volunteer at a large church that I was attending at the time. Further on I studied Lighting Design (amongst a few other Production skills) at Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts. This has taken me on to fantastic opportunities in the Live Entertainment and Corporate Event industry both domestic and internationally.

Planetshakers Production Team

One such opportunity has been to be a part of the Planetshakers Production Team, touring with the band for conferences, concerts and youth rallies all around Australia and the world. I've seen us go from manual lighting cues and an intro video to fully timecoded lighting and a touring media server, with each intro and song having its own timecoded visual.

Videography and Content Creation

The pandemic ushered in a new era that I hadn't encountered before - with no travel, live events off the cards and large gatherings frowned upon, many industries needed to find new ways of delivering information and content. Schools were not immune to this, and since the beginning of the pandemic I've helped them enrich their communications with video and live streaming. Weekly video messages from the Principal and their staff, high quality recordings of student performances, live streaming of events and high quality productions delivered at the Drive-in Cinema.

Data and Security

Much of the areas in Production that I work in are dealing with an ever increasing amount of data, whether it be 4K+ raw captured video, large After Effects compositions or just mass amounts of digital imagery. These content and assets can be sensitive and need to be secured, not just from prying eyes but also from data loss. This has made me put in place systems to securely copy and erase memory cards, organise (file and rename), catalogue, archive and backup.