Julian Williams


What I've come to rely on to get my work and life done

Phone 📱

iPhone SE 2020 128GB (Product RED edition)

I actually upgraded to this **from **an aging iPhone X. I found at the time I didn't really need all the flashy features of the latest and greatest iPhone. I just wanted to make and receive calls, send messages and emails, take a few basic photos here and there - but if I was serious I'd whip out a real camera.


I almost considered getting the revamped Nokia 3310 4G - but I was too much of an Apple sucker to move away from iMessage amongst other things

Computer 💻

2017 Macbook Pro 15" (Refurbished)

This is still my personal daily driver, I have to say of all Macbooks that I've owned (started with the 2011 Macbook Pro 13") this has to have been the most disappointing, it just seems so much less Pro. Now that Apple appear to have got more serious again about their Pro-line, I look forward to buying one of the newer M1 Pro or Max units.

Services + Subscriptions

Email 📠


This is actually a new addition. Since I owned my own domain I had the original free tier of Google Apps (which then changes to G-Suite and then Google Workspace). I actually started migrating to Fastmail mid-2021 but my wife made me reconsider as why would we pay for something when the Legacy Google Apps still works fine - that was until Google announced that it would EOL Google Apps Free Edition Mid 2022.

Password Manager ❎❎❎❎


Also a new addition, signed up in tandem with Fastmail. I was using Bitwarden up until I migrated (and LastPass before that).

Music Streaming | Personal Cloud Storage | Streaming Entertainment

Apple One

This isn't the best-in-class for possibly any of these categories of Music Streaming, Cloud Storage and Streaming Entertainment. But the reality is that I'm in the Apple Ecosystem and all of it works very well if you are already using Apple devices throughout, iPhones, Macbooks, Apple TVs and HomePods. However if you have any Google devices, it wouldn't be my recommendation. I go into further detail here